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Hey, fellow web developers:

John LarsonIf you’re enjoying the reads here on this blog and could use for a little help with your own situation as you grow in your field, you can hire me for one-on-one mentorship.  Who am I to coach you?  Well…

  • I charge $150 for an hour long conversation with new clients to discuss their projects
  • I’ve cultivated client relationships where I do $70,000+ in contract work for a single client PER YEAR and PART TIME.
  • I’ve turned a contract relationship into a six-figure salaried position.
  • I’ve turned clients who question my pricing into clients of who happily pay my fee for the much greater value they get in return.
  • I’ve transcended the contract gig altogether to make my own profitable SaaS business.

This is where I’ve gotten to as a programer for hire, and thus these are the types of outcomes I can lead you towards.

For $200 a month you can have me coaching you through whatever you’re up to as a programmer for hire.  That gets you a weekly call with me for half an hour where we’ll go over the latest happenings: we’ll cover what you’ve been doing and how it’s been going, we’ll set goals and make an action plan, we’ll hammer out strategies.  I’ll answer any questions and lend insights.

CoachAccountableWe’ll be using my SaaS platform, CoachAccountable, as the medium for structuring all of this.  Results based coaching is my entire pitch to my customers, coaches, so you better believe I’ll be true to that.

One month is likely all you need to get a wealth of direction and actionable insight into being a great programmer for hire.  You can stay on for more, but if you’re stagnating I will kick you out: I don’t want your $200 if you’re not growing rapidly under my direction.

Coaches often offer an introductory, “getting to know you” session for free, so that coach and client can feel out if there a good fit for one another.  Bump that, you know who I am and what I’m about from this blog.  So if you want to be coached but can’t be bothered to pony up $20 for our first call, then please GTFO and know that I still love you.

On our first call you’ll tell me where you’re at and you’re free to pick my brain.  As with a usual call, I’ll answer any questions and lend whatever insights I can.  And the end (about a half hour, but I don’t mind going over if we’re both having fun) we’ll declare go/no-go regarding moving forward.  If you’re not yet in a place where I think I can help, I’ll say as much and advise how to get up to speed on your own.  If you’re not feeling it for whatever reason (or got all you need from our riff already and are already good to go), totally cool.

And if after our first call we agree this is a GOOD THING I’ll send you an invoice for $200 and get the first month of our coaching relationship underway as soon as you’re ready for it.

$20 gets you started.  I’ll circle back with you when I receive payment to schedule our call, and if you get me during regular hours there’s a good chance you can have me on the phone in minutes.


I’m looking to hire a programmer and get a project done, can you coach me through that?

Yep.  $150 gets you an hour long call with me which I offer to help talk folks through a project they are contemplating.  I’m generally not available to do your project, but I can help you navigate hiring someone else, point out likely pitfalls, and give you a clear, unbiased assessment of what it should cost.

From there if desired I can avail myself for further consulting to provide oversight and guidance through the project.

That costs a lot more than you charge developers for coaching, what’s up with that?

I know.  Growing development talent is something that is near and dear to my heart, so as a sort of delightful foray for me I’m willing to charge a lot less.  Client consulting work is great, but for me at this point it’s a distraction from the real game I’m playing these days, which is to make seminal contributions to the field of coaching via CoachAccountable and my own work in growing people through coaching.

Doesn’t mean I can’t net save you thousands of dollars in getting your project done right.

If you’d like expert advice about your project you can buy a session with me right now for $150.  Depending on the time of day, you can often get me on the phone in minutes:

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