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Fun With Vlogging: the “John Larson Speaks” Series

Last month a good friend of mine, Chris Kissner of ProCntr, invited me to give video blogging a whirl.

Chris has all the stuff for a video session: lights, cameras, backdrops, reflectors, you name it.  He even gave me a little foundation makeup to look my best on camera.

We riffed for about 2 hours on camera about freelancing, web development, client relations, coaching, projects, nerd culture, my craft, and more.  Chris played the interviewer and efficiently probed my brain on the very kinds of thoughts usually featured in written form here on Programmer for Hire, and for the first time ever captured them on video.

The end result is quite nice.  Chris has done a good job of tidying up, editing down, and slicing the footage up into self-contained nuggets.

The first clip is below, in which we talk about transcending the role of web technician and getting into the realm of massive gains realized by strong communication between contractor and client.



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